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Mosquito in Aspach 2013

  • von: flyfan
  • hochgeladen: 05.10.2013
  • Aufrufe: 425
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Dieses Video zeigt die Mosquito von John Ranson beim E-Meeting in Aspach 2013. Dazu schreibt John:

The model is scaled up and modified from the Brian Taylor plan, increased from 1/8th scale to 1/7th scale at 2.36m (or 93”) wingspan. New canopy and spinner moulds were made. It was originally powered and flown with two 700 DC ferrite motors and 3.7 : 1 gearboxes running on 28 Nicad cells.
But after several years in storage, the Mosquito was reworked in 2010 and two AXI 5330/24 out-runner motors were installed with near scale diameter 508mm x 330mm APCe propellers. Prop speed is a maximum of 4,500rpm. Both motors are powered by only two central 4s x 5Ah Thunder Power battery packs wired in series. This gives about 7 minutes duration to 3Ah.
Merlin engine sound was installed using the ‘Benedini Mini’ controller and two 2x40 Watt amplifiers powered by a separate 4s 1350mAh Lipo battery. Four 100mm diameter Visaton R10S 4 Ohm speakers are mounted in the wings. The Tsetse cannon firing sound and gun flash in the cannon is controlled from the transmitter.
Also in 2010 the retracting pneumatic undercarriage was completely rebuilt. More cockpit detail was added. The Mosquito has working flaps etc. and now weighs 8.8kg. It has flown 130 times since March 2004.

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